InnuScience NU-Cycle Revolutionary Microfibre Detergent

InnuScience_LogoBacked by 23 years of research, InnuScience has established itself as a leader in biotechnology based cleaning products recently launching the innovative Nu-Cycle N Microfibre detergent.

Nu-Cycle N is a low temperature concentrated detergent that removes grease and regenerates the absorption capacity of microfibre mops and cloths, as well as other textiles.

Extending the life of microfibre products by up to 5 times, the NU-Cycle N does not break down the microfibre nor will the detergent impregnate or coat the fibres.

Innu-Science Nu-CycleNTests show that after washing with Nu-Cycle N keep the same absorbency as when new, extending the life of your microfibre products and providing considerable cost savings.

Why not give it a try.

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