BioHygiene – The UK’s Leading Biotech Cleaning Brand

Make your business Cleaner, Leaner & Greener!

– Cleans the areas traditional technology can’t reach
– Biotech degrades organic residues left behind after cleaning
– Cleans without damaging assets or dulling surfaces

– Super concentrates provide low cost in use
– Powerful biotechnology makes first time clean less time intensive
– Residual cleaning action ensures easier, quicker cleaning

– Renewable & sustainably sourced
– Super concentrates reduce volumes to be transported
– Packaging from 100% recycled materials reduces CO2e by more than 85%
– Local manufacture and supply chain

All Surfaces & Floor Cleaner

A highly concentrated biotechnology based all purpose cleaning product offering superior cleaning and odour control using renewable and sustainable ingredients

Complete Washroom Cleaner

An enzyme and microbial biotech product designed to tackle all washroom areas offering superior cleaning and odour control using renewable and sustainable ingredients.

Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser

An enzyme based no rinse, no slip cleaner formulated to permanently remove grease and fat from slippery floors using renewable and sustainable ingredients..

Gum, Mark & Graffiti Cleaner

Utilises a powerful, safe, eco friendly, non flammable organic solvent to remove chewing gum, adhesives, tyre and other black marks, graffiti such as ink, permanent marker/spray paint and nail varnish from a variety of surfaces

Organic Acid Descaler

Utilises organic acids and naturally derived surfactants for cleaning and descaling of toilet/urinal bowls and associated pipework.

BioHygiene Odour Neutraliser
Odour Neutraliser utilises absorbent technology for fast, complete removal of unpleasant odours, effectively refreshing and revitalising stale or foul smelling surfaces and airways.

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