The Cheeky Panda – Professional Range

The Cheeky Panda® is an example of the innovative disruptor concept – taking the world’s fastest growing plant Bamboo and turning it into tissue.

They provide a truly sustainable alternative to one of the biggest environmental concerns of the present-day deforestation.

The company is built on passion for environmental and social responsibility, their products are a catalyst for change and they are a deliverer of truly innovative products that are making the world a better place.

The Cheey Panda are proud to be a certified B Corporation

This means that they have scrutuinised every aspect of their company to ensure they are doing the best for people and planet.

This third-party accreditation allows you to know that The Cheeky Panda is amongst some of the most ethical and sustainable businesses in the world!

The Cheeky Panda products are FSC, Vegan Society, Leaping Bunny & PFAS Free certified.

Cheeky Panda Professional 2ply Bamboo Toilet Rolls 400 Sheet

Plastic Free Bamboo Toilet Roll

400 Sheets

Units per Case: 40

Cheeky Panda Professional Mini Jumbo Bamboo Toilet Roll

Plastic Free Bamboo Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll


Units per Case: 12

Cheeky Panda Professional Maxi Jumbo Bamboo Toilet Roll

Plastic Free Bamboo Jumbo Toilet Roll


Units per Case: 6

Cheeky Panda Professional Z-Fold Bamboo Flushable Hand Towels

Plastic Free Z Fold Flushable Bamboo Hand Towels

200 Sheet

Units per Case: 15

The Cheeky Panda Antibacterial Wipes - Biodegradable Multi Surface Cleaning Wipes Made From Bamboo

Antibacterial Bamboo Surface Wipes

90 wipes per pack

Units per Case: 6

Ideal for busy office environments, to help disinfect, sanitise & clean.

Manufactured to meet anti-bacterial and anti-viral standards EN 1276 and EN 14476

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