Chlor Tabs - 3mg Chlorine Tablets Tub 200

Evans Chlor Tabs - Effervescent Chlorine Tablets

Quick dissolving tablet to provide a disinfectant solution to kill bacteria, fungi, viruses & spores.

Suitable for a wide range of applications in kitchens, food preparation areas & medical establishments.

Bactericidal, Fungicidal & Virucidal

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  • Convenient, easy to use, handle & transport
  • Longer shelf life than liquid bleach.
  • 200 x 3.25 g tablets packed in each tub

How To Use

General Disinfection
1000ppm: Dissolve 1 tablet in 1ltr warm water.

Body Fluid Spills
10,000ppm: Dissolve 1 tablet in 100ml warm water.

Toilets & Drains
400ppm: Dissolve 2 tablets per 5ltr warm water.

Dishcloths & Mops
100ppm: Dissolve 1 tablet in 1tr warm water.
Leave to soak for upto 2 hours.

Food Preparation Surfaces, Vending Machines, Floors & Wall Tiles
200ppm: Dissolve 1 tablet in 5ltr warm water.
Mop or wipe surface.
Leave to air dry or use paper towel.

Cutlery, Crockery & Glassware
120ppm: Dissolve 1 tablet in 8ltr warm water.
Leave to soak for a minimum of 5 minutes.

Disinfection of Salads, Vegetables & Non-Peelable Fruits
Rinse to remove loose soil
50ppm: Dissolve 1 tablet in 20l water.
Ensure complete dissolution of tablet before submerging salad etc in the solution to disinfect for 5 minutes, agitating to maximise decontamination.
Shake off excess liquid.
It is preferable not to rinse after disinfection, except where food will be consumed in less than 2 hours, in which case rinse well with clean fresh drinking water.
Replace the disinfection solution frequently.
Virucidal - Tested to EN 14476
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