Numatic NX300 Pro Cordless Network

🔄 One Fits All Connectivity​
The NX300 battery packs can be used across the growing Pro Cordless Range.
The convenience, safety and power of Pro Cordless with reduced costs and lower maintenance from a single battery and charger system.

🏁 High Performance Digital Motor
The specially developed digital motor for the NX300 Pro cordless range delivers greater airflow and energy efficiency bringing users enhanced cleaning performance and extended run-times.

🔋 1 Hour Fast Charge
Recharged to 80% in just an hour and ready to go for every product in the NX300 range.

💰 Cost Effective
Made for the long haul the NX300 won’t let you down. Engineered and, tested for commercial use, delivering up to 2500 charge cycles.

🕕 Runtime
Each product in the NX300 range is engineered to optimise the NX energy storage providing the right balance of runtime and power, for each cleaning task.

Numatic NBV240NX Cordless Battery Vacuum Includes 1x NX300 Battery

Numatic NBV240NX
Cordless Battery Vacuum
Includes 1x NX300 Battery

RSB150NX Cordless Battery RucSac Vacuum

Numatic RSB150NX
Cordless Battery RucSac Vacuum
Includes 1x NX300 Battery

Numatic 244NX Cordless Compact Scrubber Dryer

Numatic 244NX
Cordless Compact Scrubber Dryer
Includes 2x NX300 Batteries

Numatic TTB1840NX Cordless Compact Scrubber Dryer

Numatic TTB1840NX
Cordless Compact Scrubber Dryer
Includes 2x NX300 Batteries

Numatic TTB3045NX Cordless Scrubber Dryer 100RPM 30Ltr

Numatic TTB3045NX
Cordless Scrubber Dryer
100RPM 30Ltr
Includes 2x NX300 Batteries

UK’s First Biological Paper Cleaning Sachets

Biohygiene have developed a new kind of cleaning sachet to help businesses of all sizes create safe, clean, healthy spaces and reduce their environmental impact.


🌱 New generation Biotechnology and Ecotechnology targets dirt, grime, grease and odours for a superior cleaning performance.
💧 Water-soluble paper sachets and recyclable packaging eliminates plastic waste.
🔄 Sustainable, renewable raw materials reduces CO2e by up to 80%.
⚠️ Low-hazardous formulas protect staff from injury and ill-health.
🐟 Kinder ingredients protect our aquatic ecosystem and biodiversity.
📉 Smart dosing reduces storage and costs to streamline operations.

Paper sachets dissolve without a trace
Biotech based formulas
Residual cleaning
Safer cleaning

No rinse formula
Accurate dosing
Reduced transport and storage
Low cost in use
Sachets are 100% plastic free

Reduced carbon footprint
Naturally derived ingredients
Not tested on animals
Minimal plastic
Readily Biodegradable
Plant-derived cleaning agents and solvents

The UK’s leading brand of biotech cleaning solutions

BioHygiene’s market-leading cleaning products harness the power of microbes, enzymes and natural plant derivatives that work deep into surfaces to quickly break down and remove dirt, grime and grease.

Our sustainable, naturally-derived formula reduces CO2 by up to 80% vs traditional technology
Our water-soluble paper sachets and recyclable packaging eliminates plastic waste.
Just 1 x case of biological paper sachets can make up to 200 trigger bottles.
Our easy dosing method eliminates the risk of over or under dosing to ensure a reliable cost in use.

Not a Robot, But a Co-bot!

A co-bot isn’t meant to replace the (human) cleaner – Instead, it cooperates with the cleaner.

A cobot eases the overall workload by performing repetitive and tedious tasks, like cleaning large floor areas. This way, the cleaner can avoid repetitive strain injuries, improve ergonomics, and use their abilities elsewhere.

I-Team I-Vac Cobotic™ 1700

You can Program the I-Vac Co-botic™ 1700 with the i-team professional app and give it specific cleaning instructions. Alternatively, it can program itself to perform the most efficient cleaning job.

The I-Vac Co-botic™ 1700 from I-Team can keep working for up to 270 minutes. If you want to keep working around the clock, you can add an extra battery to your inventory, you can alternate the batteries and keep working non-stop.
Bonus: it can even be used overnight in dark areas without any trouble.

Papernet Bio Tech Toilet Roll

Papernet Bio Tech 420503 Toilet Roll.

BIO TECH is the active toilet paper that combats bacteria and cleans the pipes in your restrooms.

BIO TECH is the active toilet paper that combats bacteria and cleans the pipes in your restrooms.

Bio Tech, an exclusive range of products made with paper capable of fighting naturally pathogenic bacteria thanks to Biologically Active Tissue Paper Technology (BATP). The Bio Tech range aids in the cleaning of internal pipework, sewerage and downstream wastewater systems.

The innovative range contains five types of naturally occuring bacteria which combined help to break down Sugars, Starches, Fats, Plant fibres and even Cellulose…so even the tissue itself is broken down. In contact with water, the enzymes begin a process called “food antagonism”. Once the enzymes have consumed all orgnaic matter in the waste water system, the degrade into CO₂ and H₂O with no impact on the environment.

Greenspeed Original Microfibre Cloths

Greenspeed Original Microfibre Cloths

Greenspeed was the first company in the Benelux to introduce microfibre technology to the professional cleaning market in 1995 with The Greenspeed Original!

The quality was spot on right from the start, which is why the same Original is still being sold today. It truly is the quintessential original microfibre cloth.

The Original comes in different colours, however they are all ‘green’ thanks to their long lifespan and sustainable properties.

Have been was awarded the Nordic Swan label and an A+ microplastic emission score.

They can be washed twice as often as the average microfibre cloth: at least 600 times.

Spray cleaning with microfibre cloths also reduces the amount of water and detergent that is needed so you can clean in a sustainable way.

The Original allows you to clean sustainably and efficiently and has therefore become a true cleaning favourite!

Its capillary action removes stains three times faster than a conventional cleaning – removes at least 85% of dirt, dust and microorganisms.

A lower-quality cotton cloth or microfibre cloth will spread or move dirt instead of trapping it in the cloth.

The Original benefits the environment and its user as well

By choosing a microfibre cloth with the Nordic Swan label, you are guaranteed that hardly any harmful ingredients were used in its production.

The convenient fold and spray method eliminates the need to soak and wring, which prevents wrist strain and stops bacteria from spreading

Greenspeed’s production practices also respect the well-being of its employees. They meet the ILO and Sedex 4-pillar standards, which guarantee socially responsible production.

Numatic 244NX Compact and Cordless Scrubber Dryer

Fast, Effective, Clean
Numatic’s most advanced and exciting FloorCare technology

Numatic 244NX Compact and Cordless Scrubber Dryer

Lightweight and easy to use, the Numatic 244NX leaves floors clean, dry and safe whilst reducing labour costs by up to 70% and water use by up to 80%.

Agile and lightweight handling easily navigates obstacles and congested areas, gliding over floors for controlled, effortless cleaning.

Designed for any user to be up and running in seconds, achieving consistent professional results. 

The 244NX offers user-simplicity in every sense, from initial set-up, daily use, maintenance and training. 

The ergonomic design incorporates features including “Park-Up” allowing users to easily move obstacles and a foot-operated floor tool eliminating frequent bending. 

  • 80% Lower Water Use 
  • Up to 80 mins Runtime 
  • 1 Hour Fast Charge 
  • NX300 36V Lithium Power
  • “One Fits All” Battery

Model244NX Power 36v
Brush Speed140rpm
Pad / Brush Width2 x 220mm
Solution Tank2.2L
Recovery Tank3L
Coverage Per Tank(Eco) 680m2 / Tank (34 mins)
NET Weight21.3kg
RuntimeUp to 80mins
Charge Time1 Hour 80% / 2 Hours 100%

One-Pass Performance
One-pass cleaning performance is achieved by applying brush pressure and powerful drive motors with the right amount of water in the right place.
Smart Water Use
The direct water feed to the centre of the brushes distributes evenly and consistently across the cleaning area, delivering best in class water efficiency.
Powerful Brush Deck 
Delivering controlled and lightweight handling with no messy spray from the twin motor aluminium brush deck.
Ultimate Versatility 
Spotless and consistent results across all types of hard floors with a wide range of pads, brushes and accessories.
NX300 Power
Powered by the NX300 36V lithium battery pack, the 244NX delivers on performance, runtime and fast charge.
Packed with power, the 30 cell design incorporates our latest battery technology ensuring optimum performance and safety. 

Numatic Pro-Cordless Range

Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Washrooms

Sea Kelp, Citrus Vernema, Au Lait, Silver Buckthorn - From Scottish Fine Soaps

The Scottish Fine Soaps Company blend gorgeous ingredients with contemporary Scottish style to create bath and beauty collections that will make you look, feel and smell fantastic.  

UK and local ingredients, sustainably and responsibly sourced.

The products contain no Parabens or Microbeads, and are not tested on animals

Scottish Fine Soaps 300ml Hand Wash & Hand Lotion

These luxurious hand washes and lotions will leave your hands feeling nourished, refreshingly clean.

They make the simple task of hand washing a joyful ritual.

Perfect for use in any bathroom.

Sea Kelp
A clean, fresh and light fragrance, it’s reminiscent of a cool sea breeze.

Au Lait
Best-selling Au Lait has delicate, sensual, comforting scent of Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil & Aloe Vera all enriched with the natural goodness of organic milk.

Citrus Verbena
A fresh citrus fragrance with hints of bergamot, lemon, grapefruit and mandarin leading to a heart of muguet, freesia and verbena resting on an intense base of vetiver and dry citrus.

Silver Buckthorn
A warm spicy blend of Ginger, Lemon, Nutmeg and Coriander, with hints of Black Pepper and Bergamot.

Scottish Fine Soaps 5Ltr Refill

5 litre refills are a great and easy way to keep your existing products topped up, all while helping the planet.

Scottish Fine Soaps Wall mounted brackets offer a secure and stylish dispensing system, The ceramic caddy helps protect surfaces from staining

Wall mounted brackets offer a secure and stylish dispensing system, The ceramic caddy helps protect surfaces from staining

Kimberly-Clark ICON Dispenser Collection

Elevate your space with the latest advancement in reliable dispensing.

Thoughtfully engineered with an eye on aesthetics, the Kimberly-Clark Professional™ ICON™ collection merges the latest advancements in reliable dispensing with a focus on refining every interaction.

The Kimberly-Clark Professional™ ICON™ dispenser collection — the culmination of intuitive design and clever engineering.

Touchless performance for game-changing hygiene

The ICON™ collection features a higher-performing and touchless dispensing system. with a seamless design and hidden towel mode that minimizes contact points for a more hygienic experience and reduces the potential risks of cross-contamination. With dual sensor technology that recognizes partially torn sheets and presents a new sheet before dispenser issues occur, the ICON™ collection provides reliable and hygienic dispensing by ensuring paper towels are always available for end-users.

Best Performance and Efficiency

Among the many guidelines and hygiene expectations that companies have needed to adopt in recent times, budget is a key issue. The ICON™ collection is the most significant upgrade in technological advancements in dispensing in over a decade and is fully equipped to support choosers and cleaning staff to improve maintenance efficiency with:

  • Easy-to-read intuitive control panel, which means less training required to operate the dispensers.
  • Easily visible lighting and servicing cues indicating new roll requirements, reducing guesswork on servicing needs.
  • Patented Direct Drive Technology, which provides the benefits of efficiency, better battery life and less noise with 85% quieter dispensing – in addition to the quietest electronic dispenser on the market.
  • The hand towel rolls have a plastic-free core plug to allow full recycling in a single waste stream.
  • Minimal maintenance with 99.99% jam-free performance2, and a single set of batteries lasting up to five years that delivers up to 150,000 dispenses.
  • It is simple to service, has increased accessibility, and features a smooth, controlled opening and closing experience.

Function meets design: Ultimate Dispensing Experience

The act of handwashing goes beyond science. More than just a simple paper towel dispenser, the ICON™ collection features designer faceplates that add style to hygiene.
By incorporating visually appealing interior design elements, the range of colours and faceplates are designed to complement every environment to help elevate the washroom experience.
Designs available in Germany include marble, cherry blossom, ebony woodgrain, as well as black, silver and white mosaic. In addition, individualised faceplates can be implemented for branding and advertising.

Choice of 6 face-plate designs, or customise your own

Numatic ERP180 Sustainable Vacuum

Powerful, Sustainable Cleaning

Numatic ERP180 Sustainable Vacuum
  • Low Energy
  • Sustainably Made
  • Powerful Performance

Sustainably Made

Made from the highest quality plastic; equipped with Numatic’s highest efficiency motor, delivering the same high-performance, high-quality and long-lasting Numatic results as always… the Eco ReFlo Vacuums are designed, engineered and built to sustainable productivity.

ReFlo Technology

Sustainably made and built to last – Numatic engineer many of their products from the highest quality, recycled plastic using their innovative, environmentally sustainable ReFlo Technology. ​

ReFlo Technology uses high-quality recycled, post-industrial material from the automotive industry, which are diverted from landfill or incineration.​

Powerful Performance

The ERP180 delivers a 30% reduction in energy consumption with Numatic’s highest efficiency motor, and still provides the same professional, high-performance cleaning results you expect from a Numatic machine, while saving you money too.

Pro Features

Providing the same tough, heavy-duty Numatic construction as always, ReFlo Technology ensures the ERP180 is both sustainably engineered and built to last.

Technical Specifications

Capacity  8 L 
Cleaning Range  26.4 m 
Dimensions  340 x 365 x 360mm 
Motor Power  420 W 
Power  230V AC 50/60Hz 
Range  10 m  
Suction  1750 mm H2O 
Weight 6 kg

Numatic / Henry Hepa-Flo Vacuum Dust Bags

  • No Dust, No Mess
  • What Goes in, Stays in
  • The Perfect Fit
  • Extended Machine Life

Numatic - Performance You Can Trust

Katrin Washroom Dispenser Starter Packs

Everybody Deserves Good Hygiene

Clean and well-maintained washrooms promote good personal hygiene, which in turn helps to prevent the spread of germs and illnesses.

They also help boost productivity by providing a comfortable and hygienic environment for staff to take care of their personal needs during the workday.

Staff members feel valued and respected when they have access to clean and well-maintained washroom facilities, this can lead to increased employee satisfaction and engagement.

Employers are legally obliged to provide clean and safe washroom facilities for their staff, to meet health and safety regulations.

A clean and well-maintained washroom can reflect positively on the company, giving a good impression to visitors and customers.

Katrin System Toilet Roll Dispenser Starter Pack White

Katrin System Toilet Roll Dispenser Starter Pack


1x Katrin 90144 System Toilet Roll Dispenser

& 1 Case of Katrin 103424 System Toilet Rolls (Case of 36 Rolls)

Katrin System Hand Towel Dispenser Starter Pack

Katrin System Hand Towel Dispenser Starter Pack

Includes 1x Katrin 90045 System Hand Towel Dispenser

& 1 Case of Katrin 460102 System Hand Towel Rolls (Case of 6 Rolls)

Katrin Hand Towel Dispenser Starter Pack

Katrin Hand Towel Dispenser Starter Pack


1x Katrin 90168 Hand Towel Dispenser

& 1 Case of Katrin Zig Zag Hand Towels (Case 4,000 Towels)

Katrin System Soap Dispenser Starter Pack

Katrin System Soap Dispenser Starter Pack


1x Katrin 90229 Hand Soap Dispenser

& 1 Case of Katrin 47420 Liquid Hand Wash 1L (Case 6)

The Katrin brand was launched in 1974 and was one of the first professional tissue brands in Europe. The name “Katrin” and the now familiar products under this brand come from the Swedish Metsä Tissue mill Katrinefors, which was named after the wife of the founder.

Katrin is “clean & green”

In order to make everyday life healthier, simpler and kinder to the environment, Katrin ensure that their washroom solutions are hygienic, easy to use and sustainable. When you choose Katrin, you know you are making a wise choice.

Sustainability is part of Katrin’s nature

All of Katrin’s actions are based on their branded values Easy, Insightful, Trustworthy and Caring. For Katrin, sustainability and preserving the environment for future generations is also fundamental.

Less is more –
Products with optimum performance save resources

‘Less is more’ is the Katrin ethos: it is the standard of quality and environmental protection which drives the design of their products.

This includes the comprehensively-designed Katrin range of functional, robust dispensers with matching towels and toilet paper.

Controlled consumption of paper means clean and pristine towels are available at all times, reducing consumption whilst optimising your hygiene offer.

This is equally important across all public areas such as offices, schools, restaurants, hospitals and industrial workplaces of all kinds.