Seep Compostable Eco Sponge With Scourer


The Seep cellulose sponge with loofah scourer is 100% plastic free and works just as well as (if not better) than a plastic sponge.

It’s perfect for cleaning your dishes and wiping up spills. 

  • 100% plastic free 
  • Home compostable 
  • Packaging sustainably sourced and recyclable 

Materials – Cellulose wood pulp and loofah fibre 
Product Care – Dry out between uses to prevent mold, freshen up by washing in dishwasher or washing machine (30 or 40 degrees Celsius) 

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Seep Living – 100% Plastic Free Cleaning Products 

Circular Cleaning – Plastic free cleaning products made from sustainable and renewable materials like loofah or endlessly recyclable. Once they outlive their usefulness, Seep products are compostable or fully biodegradable. That means their materials harmlessly seep back into the earth. 

Beautiful & Long Lasting – Sleek products look good and can sit pride of place. No more bobbly bits that relegate poor products to toilet cleaning. And, upon reaching the end of a long life, it’s remarkably easy to cleanly dispose of Seep products. 

Safe & Easy To Use – None of the toxins commonly found in plastic-based alternatives (like Triclosan) are in Seep products. Designed to; work well or better than plastic equivalents and; be simple to maintain. 

Climate positive – Seep Living are officially a “Climate Positive” company which means they reinvest 3x their own carbon footprint.They have partnered with climate charity “On A Mission” to help reduce their impact on the Earth. Firstly, On A Mission helps measure the carbon footprint of each of the products. Seep Living then offset this footprint through re-investing in their carefully selected portfolio of forest regeneration projects. 

Unger – High Access Cleaning & Dusting


UNGER – Quality Tools for Smart Cleaning

With more than 50 years of experience, UNGER ensures the best quality, efficiency and innovation in the field of cleaning products for professional glass and building cleaning.

Through continuous development and innovative cleaning systems, UNGER focuses with its products on integrated solutions that make cleaning fast, effective and particularly user-friendly.


Professional dust removal requires good quality cleaning equipment.

UNGER offers a wide range of professional cleaning tools as a solution for thorough dusting, especially in building interiors.

UNGER‘s lightweight aluminum telescopic poles are available in different lengths and with ergonomically shaped handles.

UNGER’s telescopic poles allow safe working from the ground up to a height of 10 m.

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UNGER – Pure Water Cleaning Systems

Pure water contains phenomenal cleaning power – without using any chemicals whatsoever.

One-step cleaning with pure water means there is no need to wipe & polish the glass – the pane dries streak-free and without any deposits.

Applied with a water fed pole system, such as UNGER nLITE®, pure water is a fast, safe and effective method of cleaning, especially at height.


What is Pure Water?

It’s water in its purest form, physically processed to remove the minerals that would otherwise lead to limescale spots and streaks.

Such impurities are referred to as TDS (total dissolved solids) and are measured in ppm (parts per million).

The water is considered 100 % demineralised (pure) when TDS is 0 ppm.

UNGER HydroPower Ultra Starter Packs

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Evans GreenTick Range – Cleaning chemicals that have minimal impact on the environment

Evans Vanodine are committed to developing chemicals that have minimal impact on the environment.

They have developed their own unique system for monitoring the impact their products have on the environment, taking into account the formulation, manufacture, use and disposal of product.

Every chemical has some impact on the environment, even water can have a detrimental effect.

The innovative system for classifies each of their products according to their overall environmental impact. The system scores products based on eight different criteria. The criteria selected are used to create a holistic life cycle view of the processes and product and also align with the UN Sustainable Development Goal’s.

Every product in the Evans range is analysed using the GreenTick system. The lower the overall product score, the lower the impact on the environment. Products which achieve a low impact rating are identified with a GreenTick logo on the label.



Evans GreenTick Products - Commited to developing cleaning chemicals that have minimal impact on the environment
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Numatic 1840NX Compact Scrubber Dryer

The 1840NX Battery Scrubber Dryer offers compact, cordless and convenient cleaning with the performance of a much bigger machine. 

The high-performance digital motor combined with powerful NX300 36V Battery Technology delivers clean, dry floors every time. 

Compact, Cordless and Convenient With the cleaning performance of a much bigger machine, the 1840NX is ideal for cleaning tighter spaces and larger public areas. The clever tank design is compact whilst offering best in class 18 litre capacity for non-stop cleaning.

Clean, Dry, Safe and Streak-Free Floors in Minutes Centrifugal water delivery system ensures even distribution across the brush or pad for optimum cleaning results. Triple-layer, Serilor® rear blade design incorporates two softer outer layers for maximum cleaning contact with the floor and an inner harder shore core leaving a dry streak-free floor.

Fast Charge Charged and ready to go in just 1 hour. The NX300 battery packs recharge to 80% in just 1 hour and with quick change, it’s ideal for non-stop cleaning.

Stay Cleaning for Longer New NX300 36V Battery Technology delivers 300Wh energy storage capacity with 60mins runtime, delivering consistent, powerful cleaning.

Support at your Fingertips, Straight from your Mobile Access a wide-range of multilingual help and support, including troubleshooting and maintenance content, through the Nu-Assist App.

NX300 Cordless Cleaning Network The NX300 Cleaning Network brings the convenience and performance of professional cordless cleaning across our growing battery range.

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Numatic RSB150NX Professional Cordless RucSac Vacuum Cleaner

Equipped with the new NX300 36V Battery Technology and 350W digital brushless motor, the RSB150NX is engineered to deliver Numatic’s most powerful cordless cleaning yet. 

Delivering up to 80 minutes of cordless freedom and a 40% increase in airflow and suction from a compact, convenient and versatile design, the RSB150NX provides optimum cleaning productivity with powerful and professional cleaning results. 

Ergonomically designed with easy-adjust, posture-correcting harness, breathable mesh panel, handy tool storage and simple, integrated hand control, the RSB150NX provides optimum user-comfort, ensuring less stretching, bending down, twisting and full control at all times.

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Toucan Eco Worktop – ECA Disinfectant Solution Generator

Toucan Eco Worktop is designed to clean and disinfect smaller workplaces and the home, as well as to trial the range. 

The model let’s you make one litre of powerful, eco-friendly and safe multipurpose disinfectant cleaner that kills more than 99.99% of germs using just water, salt and electricity. 

It’s powerful, eco-friendly and safe, and replaces most chemical cleaners and the single use plastic bottles they are supplied in. 

The solution contains 99.9% water, hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite at a gentle pH. 

It is certified to EN 14476 and EN 16777 for viruses and EN 1276 and EN 13697 for bacteria, registered as an EU biocide, is food-safe and hypoallergenic.

What puts the ‘eco’ in Toucan Eco?


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Wypall Reach Centrefeed System

The WypAll® Reach™ centrefeed dispenser is a portable, single-sheet wiper dispenser designed to enable controlled-use of centrefeed rolls. 

This easy to handle, portable and enclosed white roll and blue roll dispenser system is designed to keep your centrefeed roll clean, which helps to prevent against transmission of food-borne bacteria. 

The single sheet dispensing is designed to minimise contamination whilst encouraging efficient use of the paper wipes.

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BioHygiene Virucidal Sanitiser

BioHygiene’s eco friendly sanitiser provides a complete virucidal and bactericidal solution. 

All Purpose Sanitiser utilises eco-friendly, naturally derived, mild surfactants and a natural fermentation extract to produce an environmentally-responsible and sustainable virucidal disinfectant cleaner. 

Approved to EN14476 for enveloped viruses, including coronaviruses,

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