Not a Robot, But a Co-bot!

A co-bot isn’t meant to replace the (human) cleaner – Instead, it cooperates with the cleaner.

A cobot eases the overall workload by performing repetitive and tedious tasks, like cleaning large floor areas. This way, the cleaner can avoid repetitive strain injuries, improve ergonomics, and use their abilities elsewhere.

I-Team I-Vac Cobotic™ 1700

You can Program the I-Vac Co-botic™ 1700 with the i-team professional app and give it specific cleaning instructions. Alternatively, it can program itself to perform the most efficient cleaning job.

The I-Vac Co-botic™ 1700 from I-Team can keep working for up to 270 minutes. If you want to keep working around the clock, you can add an extra battery to your inventory, you can alternate the batteries and keep working non-stop.
Bonus: it can even be used overnight in dark areas without any trouble.

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