Greenspeed Building

About the company

Futures Suppliers are proud to be a distributor of Greenspeed cleaning products in the UK

Greenspeed are fanatical about cleanliness, passionate about cleaning and give their all to create innovative microfibre products and ecological cleaning detergents. 

Greenspeed’s goal is to leave a lasting impression on you every single day. 

The Philosophy

Greenspeed strives to have its entire range of products, accessories and techniques fit the circular economy model. 

In practice this means all substances used in detergents and microfibre cloths and mops must be re-usable in one of two ways: directly via the technical cycle, as raw materials for new or different products, indirectly via the organic cycle, as nutrients within ecological systems. 

The Products

Greenspeed’s professional washing and cleaning detergents are biodegradable and produced in an ecological factory, developed by Ecover, a pioneer in the field of ecological washing and cleaning detergents with 40 years of experience. 

By using “green” chemistry, natural ingredients and minerals are converted into efficient cleaning detergents. 

Plant-based surfactants are more than capable of dealing with the most efficient stubborn stains, and have minimal impact on the environment and on aquatic life throughout their life cycle. 

Packaging is made from a combination of 75 % sugar cane and 25 % recycled plastic and is 100 % recyclable. 



Greenspeed has developed probiotic cleaning agents, consisting of friendly micro-organisms of organic origin which ensure optimal, sustainable cleaning.  

The products are ideal for tackling odour problems and are safe to use, they are not just environmentally friendly – they actually enrich the environment. 


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