Rob Hunter

ABM Facilities Service UK – South Bank Centre

"I have worked with most suppliers out there. I rate you as the best by far – excellent team, fantastic company."

Lynne Johnston

Business & Office Cleaning

"Lovely helpful office staff and helpful, polite drivers."

Alan Dougan, Managing Director

Personal Touch Cleaning Services Ltd

"We really wanted to work with the ‘best’ in the business and have found that Futures Supplies demonstrate this time and time again with its experience in innovation and through building great partnerships that benefit both our companies.

The webshop specially created by Futures Supplies for PTCS has seen reduced and controlled costs which is very important, the team are really hard working and we are very happy with our relationship with them."

Dominic Ponniah, Group CEO


"Futures Supplies is one of our most important partners. I say partners and not suppliers because we work together to achieve a common goal, of keeping our mutual clients happy.

They are always proactively looking to help our business and support us with new products and innovation.

They always go out of their way to help whenever needed – for example, if we need help with an emergency order, they willingly oblige.

Like our business, their people are key and they have a great team. We love their family ethics and that we can talk directly with the business principals, who still have the passion and drive to deliver the service they originally set out to deliver on Day 1 of starting out.

Deciding to work with Futures Supplies is one of the best business decisions I have made."

Oliver Weisflog, Operations Director

Shield Service Group

"Shield Service Group has been working with Futures Supplies since 2013 and in that time we have received an excellent service.

The team is responsive and professional and as a customer we receive a full range of quality supplies to a regular schedule."

David McLeod, Managing Director

Cresswell Office Services Ltd

"I have known Mandie for well over twenty years now and since that time I have been continually impressed by her hard working ethic, dedication and professionalism. 

This has been carried through the business as she has trained her team to be the same. 

Her strategic thinking, efficiency and systems are second to none and she always thinks ahead with new ideas and products whilst continuing to listen and put the customer first."

Kate Ward, Director

Chequers Contract Services Ltd

"Mandie’s drive and enthusiasm for hard work are second to none.  She is a forward thinker, systems driven and always looking for the next innovation to help not only Futures Supplies but its customers’ businesses move forward and always puts them first. 

Her commitment to helping young people comes from the heart and something she is passionate about. She is a true entrepreneur who is to be only admired for what she has achieved."

Allison Kelly

Ham Children's Centre

"I deal directly with 'Adam' who goes above and beyond the call of duty to find products even if I can't locate them myself. He calls on a regular basis to see if I need any more supplies which is great as it means that is something I do not need to worry about. He is also extremely nice to do business with, professional and courteous and has definitely secured a regular customer with me here at the Children's Centre."

Lynne Johnston

Business & Office Cleaning

"Our driver Tony goes above and beyond the call of duty for us."

Avent Technology

"I think you do an excellent job in a difficult world, I'm well satisfied with the service & products"

Debbie Robertson, Customer Services Advisor


"I would just like you and your team to know how grateful we are for you speediness in our delivery.  Within 10 minutes of our call we had our delivery which is very efficient and again we cannot thank you all enough."

Liz Pippard, Development Director

Principle Cleaning Services

“Futures really lead the field in their thorough adoption of CSR and green issues, they are an inspiration to us all. This extends beyond being part of all their own in house activities, as can be illustrated by their support of Principle Cleaning and our client Walt Disney in their recent support of World Earth Day. We can always count on Mandie and her team, and it is at no cost to the consistently high quality of service they provide. ”

Anna Eltringham, Co-ordinator

Envibe (Environmental Business Excellence, Croydon)

“Envibe started working with Futures Supplies in 2004 and right from the start they were keen to push forward on taking their environmental responsibilities seriously. They are now a leader in this field and an inspiration to businesses and individuals that it is not enough to do a bit of recycling here or switching a light of there! They now impressively cover all areas of the environmental spectrum and continue to strive to do more. This now extends to their influence over their customers and suppliers on environmental performance. Their continued motivation and enthusiasm never ceases. When we have a low day at Envibe and wonder why some businesses struggle to rise to the challenge of climate change, our hearts are renewed when we hear about the latest initiative from Futures or the continually creative vision of the staff team led by Mandie. Many businesses have come to get help from Envibe with their own activities as a result of the example and direction given by Futures. I have no doubt their determination to do business in a planet-considerate fashion will never cease to have a positive effect within and beyond the company. ”

Matthew Sims, General Manager

Croydon Chamber of Commerce

“Croydon Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting and promoting environmental matters throughout the Croydon business community. Having worked with Futures Supplies over a number of years, their dedication and commitment to these issues has inspired the Chamber to be more pro-active with respect to ensuring the business community are aware of the need to be more environmentally friendly. Futures are leading the way in environmental support and I am proud to have them as members of the Croydon Chamber of Commerce.”


Douglas Cooke

Principle Services Limited

“Futures service levels are excellent and we find all their staff are efficient, helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. This applies not only to ordering and delivery of goods but also to their administration and accounting procedures.”

Kate Ward, Sales Director

Chequers Contract Services Ltd

“Futures Supplies has years of experience working in partnership with contract cleaners and right from the word go they understood our needs in providing an efficient and reliable service to our customers offering a good all-round package. I was confident that we could work in partnership to grow our businesses together into the future."

David McLeod, Managing Director

Cresswell Office Services Ltd

“I count myself lucky to be a client of Futures and after nine years could never imagine using anyone else. Their service is second to none.”

Amanda Sutton, Facilities Manager


“The variety and quality of products on offer covers all our cleaning needs.”

Tony Reeve, Contract Manager

ISS Support Services Ltd

“What you order is what you get, and on time.”

Karen Edwards, Branch Manager

GBM Services Ltd

“I have found the team to be courteous and efficient in their dealings with me and they always have a ‘can do’ attitude – nothing is too much trouble”

Tricia Hobday, Service Co-ordinator

British Red Cross

“Your company provides an excellent service – speedy efficient deliveries at competitive prices”

Anthony J Neal, Director

J.A.S. Cleaning Specialists

“Delivery is always prompt and different delivery addresses are always accommodated.”

Lesley Phillips, Property Manager

“Excellent advice on which products would suit my building best. This change and upgrading of the consumables and dispensers has been noticed favourably by all my tenants.”

David Grimes, Maintenance Manager


“Solutions which have been more efficient and have helped keep costs to a minimum”

Eva Sanchez Banderas

Montessori Centre International

“We would like to congratulate you on maintaining such good levels of service.”

James Diamond


“Futures Supplies & Support Services Ltd has won numerous awards including the Envibe Gold award for Environmental Business Excellence. This reflects the efforts Futures have put into managing and reducing its environmental impact.”

Business in the Community

“Futures Supplies & Support Services Ltd provides an excellent example of how a small business can successfully develop and embed an approach that enables it to manage a range of social, environmental and economic issues, have positive impact and realise business benefits.”

Amanda Piper

London Remade

“Futures and London Remade have been working together since October 2004 when Futures signed to the Mayor's Green Procurement Code. The Code was launched in 2001 to assist businesses in London to reduce waste, implement recycling schemes and look at closing the loop through recycled content purchasing. Each year Futures have contributed to the Mayor's Green Procurement Code Purchase Report which is a way for businesses to feed back their improvements and commitment to recycled product purchasing and measure their improvements each year. Futures have not only had a marked improvement over the last two years but have reduced waste, print on recycled paper only and recycle everything they can to reduce waste going to landfill. London Remade and Futures have also completed a case study to report on this good practice.”

Anna Eltringham, Envibe Co-coordinator

Croydon Council

“Futures have a real dedication to helping the environment and have proved to be exceptional in its recycling strategy and management systems. The Envibe Board were impressed that such a small company has dedicated valuable time and resources which is why it was one of the first two companies in the borough to have been awarded the prestigious Gold Envibe Award in addition to its Bronze and Silver awards.”

Chris Thompson, Social Worker

Leaving Care, Croydon Council

“Futures has worked with have been involved with Futures since they engaged with our Employability Scheme for young people leaving Care. Care Leavers historically can start adult life with many disadvantages. They can frequently come from very difficult family backgrounds, they may be disadvantaged educationally, and they may have precarious housing situations. Each young person is different and their needs will vary, but it is true to say that there are common themes that permeate the lives of teenagers leaving the care system.

Futures have worked with our service’s young people and they have achieved results and made a positive difference to their lives that exceeded all expectations and hopes.

By providing our young people with a safe environment to develop professionally and learn new skills Futures helped them gain confidence and garner experience that will prove invaluable as they enter the word of employment.

The staff are welcoming and friendly and provided clear and consistent boundaries. Keeping their expectations high means that the young people have a sense of aspiration as well as the enjoyment of feeling included as part of a dynamic and diverse team.

Futures value diversity and focus on people’s strengths. They don’t give up on young people and the young people with whom they work have told me how grateful they are to have been given this opportunity. That teenagers can see the merit of this important experience is testament to Futures’ commitment to ensuring that excluded and disadvantaged young people are given a supported transition into working life.”

Brian Stapleton

Best Of Business, Croydon Business

“Complete unwavering commitment from Mandie Kemp and her staff. The company shows leadership in their industry and in influencing the supply chains. For a small company they have made impressive and relatively costly, investments in CSR initiatives.”