Papernet Biotech Toilet Roll 2ply White 407576

Biotech is the innovative biological toilet paper from Papernet that is good for the pipes, your wallet and the environment.
  • 250 Sheet
  • 2Ply White

Thanks to BATP technology, for which Papernet has the exclusive European rights, Biotech is the first complete product that cleans the sewerage system and septic tanks.

Biotech contains five different types of good microorganisms, which are harmless and remove incrustations and smelly substances from the pipes.

You don't have to wait long to see results either: in just four weeks the cleaning action of Biotech toilet paper eliminates blockages, nasty odours and other dirt from the pipes.

What’s more, the constant use of Biotech reduces the need for the mechanical cleaning of sewerage systems, hence reducing maintenance costs.

Sample studies carried out on tourism/accommodation premises with an average of 100 visitors daily demonstrated that the exclusive use of Biotech radically reduces the need to unblock the sewerage system and makes for some considerable savings – up to 40% as compared to using standard toilet paper.

As well as cleaning pipes, the good microorganisms in Biotech toilet paper contribute to eliminating surfactants emitted by cleaning products, and once the active action is complete, they biodegrade without leaving any residue.

Thanks to BATP technology, which forms the basis of the Biotech product, the simple action of throwing toilet paper into the water is transformed into an action of respect for the environment.

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