Mi-Mop Disposable Microfibre Yellow Pad - For Use with Pro-Mist Flat Mop System

Mi-mop Microfibre Disposable Mop Pad

For use with Robert Scott Pro-Mist Flat Mop

Mi-mop is designed to provide cleaners with a quick and effective method for the removal of 99.9% of bacteria without the need for chemicals, and prevents the cross-contamination of surfaces as you can mop and throw.

It is ideal for general floor cleaning using Robert Scott’s standard flat mop break-frames or Uniko clip-frames where it effectively cleans away dirt, dust and microorganisms, but also excels in tasks where preventing cross contamination is of utmost importance, such as in hospitals.

  • Microfibre cleaning effectively cleans away dirt, dust and microorganisms.
  • Prevents cross contamination by cloth disposing of the pad.
  • Requires minimal water and chemicals.
  • Rapid response cleaning.
  • Trim hygiene colour coded in red, green, blue, yellow and white. 
  • Suitable for hypochlorite solutions.

How it’s used
As a soft, low-linting microfibre pad it can be used dry on hard floors for dusting and rapid-response mopping or damp for chemical-free cleaning and, as it’s disposable, it also can be used with hypochlorite solutions.

Typical application
While the pad can be used in many applications its usage is particularly relevant where cross contamination is an issue and there is no access to laundry facilities.

User instructions
Break frame, fit, mop and dispose.
Use damp for best results, dry for dusting.

Material 100% microfibre

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