method Bin 60L - Open Lid - Red - PPE Waste

Optimise recycling + waste with the modern system 

Method have redesigned recycling for the modern workspace to be effective and efficient in the modern space. 

The Method system brings flexible recycling stations out into the open of modern spaces, removing the need for desk bins. 

Method's innovative system helps;

  • Reduce the time needed to change bin liners through communal stations 
  • Save on the cost of liners 
  • Increase recycling and reduce waste 
  • Make servicing bins simple and hygienic 
  • Reduce the cost of waste disposal as recycling rates increase  

Show your commitment to sustainability

Designed to be out in the open, the award-winning 60L bins help modern workplaces divert waste from landfill to make a visible difference.
Made from recycled + recyclable polypropylene.

Colours, icons, and lids customised for your space

Recycling becomes simple with an adaptable system that empowers better waste separation.

Engineered to be effective

The bin's defining features have been informed and inspired by its users – optimally sized for interior recycling + waste, with a patented 'Bag Retainer System' that holds liners in place and hides them from sight for a beautiful finish.

Colours, icons, and lids customised for your space
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Black / Red
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