Kimberly-Clark 7186 Scott Control Mini Dispenser - Twin Centrefeed Toilet Roll

NEW Scott Control - Mini Twin Centrefeed Toilet Tissue System

The new Scott® Control™ Centrefeed Toilet Tissue System offers hygienic, fully enclosed toilet paper, dispensed through a touchless, one-wipe-clean dispenser - free of all dirt traps. You only touch the sheet you use. This makes it the most hygienic twin centrefeed system available. 

This new Twin roll solution also delivers maximum efficiency as the highest roll capacity twin centrefeed system available, delivering never-run-out, controlled-sheet dispensing. 

As well as helping to create the most hygienic and efficient washroom, Scott® Control™ Twin is also the sustainable choice. The tissue is produced from 100% recycled fibre and is FSC certified. Controlled dispensing significantly reduces product use - helping to lower transportation impact. 

Unmatched Hygiene - The most hygienic dispenser versus the competition - one wipe clean with no dirt traps. 

Highest capacity - Ideal for busy washrooms, with 1,666 sheets per fully loaded dispenser – The highest capacity twin centrefeed toilet tissue system. 

Touchless dispensing - Protected, fully enclosed rolls with single sheet dispensing for maximum hygiene – only touch the sheet you use. 

Patented loading design - Helps protect partially used rolls delivering improved reliability and 100% tissue availability. 

Never-run-out twin roll design - Never-run-out twin roll design means tissue doesn't run out and fewer refills so less chance for cross contamination. 

Maximum efficiency - Controlled one-sheet dispensing system for increased efficiency and reduced waste. 

Fewer blockages - Effective paper dispersal for fewer toilet blockages. 

A sustainable choice - Controlled dispensing reduces product use and so less storage and transportation is needed. Product is produced from 100% recycled, FSC certified fibre. Packaging is 30% recycled and 100% recyclable.

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