On Thursday 11th November at a ceremony held by Croydon Council, Futures Supplies & Support Services Ltd were recognised for their involvement in the environment and local community. Futures Supplies who supply washroom and janitorial products was one of only three companies in the borough to have achieved both a Silver and Bronze Envibe Award.

Envibe, which is co-ordinated by Croydon Council and government financed only recently launched and at the event in Croydon, Futures were also recognised as achieving high recycling accolades for being a small business at the ceremony in Croydon.

Already successful in achieving a Bronze Award, Managing Director of Futures Supplies Mandie Kemp said, “I am delighted that our commitment to the wider environment has been acknowledged with the Silver Envibe award for Environmental Excellence.”

UK is fast running out of landfill site and continues to create rubbish at an unsustainable rate. London alone consumes the resources of a land the size of Spain with around 90% of the City’s waste going to landfill or incinerators.

The average office worker uses about 2.5 trees a year in paper and this figure is increasing annually despite the paperless office myth.

Every ton of paper recycled can create savings of 380 gallons of oil, 3 cubic yards of landfill space, 4 megawatts of energy and 7,000 gallons of water.

Futures Supplies, based in South London want to help in tackling the growing problem and as well as promoting environmental awareness at home amongst the staff they are actively encouraging customers and suppliers to adopt and implement better environmental practices.

“Good environmental practice is common sense and more about a responsible way of thinking than imposing a new set of rules and regulations. Our environmental policy and management system lets our customers know we are a forward thinking company and are illustrating a commitment that is measurable, auditable and sustainable’ say Mandie.”

By making a few simple changes such as printing and photocopying on both sides of paper, recycling ink cartridges for charity, using recycled paper and waterless printing techniques on sales literature all add up not just with energy saving and reducing the impact of business on the environment but because all these actions cut costs too it means they are good for business as well as the planet.

Futures Supplies are now working towards the prestigious Gold Envibe award.