The Best of Borough Awards (BoBs) is a showcase for the most successful businesses in Croydon. Organised by Croydon Business Ltd to recognise the cream of the Borough’s companies, the black tie event was held at Addington Palace in November and presented by Polar Explora Ben Saunders.

Futures Supplies & Support Services Ltd, national trade supplier of washroom, cleaning and janitorial products was announced the winner of ‘Best Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility’. Carbon Neutral, Futures Supplies is very vocal on green issues and heavily involved in diverse projects including work placements for young disadvantaged people, charity fundraising and increasing customer awareness of product impact on the environment.

The judges commented “Complete unwavering commitment from Managing Director Mandie Kemp and her staff. We, the judges, felt the company shows leadership in its industry and in influencing the supply chains. For a small company they have made impressive and relatively costly investments in CSR initiatives.”

Futures Supplies, through its initiatives promoting sustainability and positive CSR to all companies, as well as within its own organisation, has had a proven positive impact on society and local community, inspiring other businesses to get involved.

With its already green credentials, winning formula and proven track record, Futures Supplies has successfully positioned itself in the market place as a company that cares with a strong service ethos, differentiating it from other businesses.

For further details on Futures Supplies’ CSR activities and its award wins, please visit the website www.futures-supplies.co.uk