With an ethos to deliver service, quality, value and reliability through innovation and technology whilst tackling long-term sustainability, Futures Supplies & Support Services Ltd, independent distributors of washroom and cleaning products, has recently added Ecover products to its range.

Recognising the trend towards minimising pollution and more awareness of the impact of how cleaning products impact on individuals and our surrounding, Futures has listened to its customers who want a sparkling washroom but don’t want to fill the environment with petrochemicals and chlorine to achieve that gleam.

Ecover are the world’s leading manufacturer of ecological cleaning products with over 25 years of experience using innovative formulations to tackle the toughest problems.  It is the UK’s and the world’s biggest selling ecological cleaning brand with more than 100 solutions for a diversity of cleaning applications from every day cleaning, offices, schools, caterers and local authorities.

Developing and producing efficient cleaning products in the world’s first ecological factory built in 1992 in Belgium, Ecover is the leader in the ecological cleaning sector in over 20 countries worldwide. The range of products, all of which have 100% recyclable packaging have been developed to minimise pollution and environmental impact and are based on plant and mineral ingredients from nature. Unlike many petrochemicals based products they do not contain toxic, allergenic, mutagenic or carcinogenic ingredients, which make them safer for cleaning staff, office staff, customers and the environment.

Futures Supplies is offering a selection of products from Ecover’s Consumer, Techno and Professional range all of which are available to purchase through Futures 24/7 online shopping website www.futures-supplies.co.uk. Ecological products from an ecological factory delivered by a responsible company committed to the protection of the environment and future generations and to delivering natural products for people who care.

“The products are truly competitive, priced against the major brands and showing a responsibility of our business to customers and staff alike. Ecover products offer a real alternative to other conventional brands”, says Mandie Kemp, Managing Director, Futures Supplies & Support Services Ltd.

I am delighted that Ecover and Futures will be working in partnership and leading the way to bring a more natural alternative in cleaning products to the business world.” says Steve Mitchell, Sales Manager at Ecover UK Ltd.

Futures Supplies, a CarbonNeutral company, has recently received a host of ‘green’ awards and recognition for its commitment to tackling sustainability and has been recognised for its customer service excellence by achieving CHSA ‘National Distributor Service Excellence Awards’ consistently since 1997. It is BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and BS EN ISO 14001 certified.