Britain is to be the first country in the world to set standards for offsetting schemes aimed at neutralising the environmental impact of greenhouse gas emissions in order to give consumers confidence that the schemes work.

Through a series of media briefings DEFRA has announced its support of voluntary carbon offset and a ‘consultation’ around the standards that should be applied with a view that voluntary carbon offset is a good thing and should be encouraged.

Managing Director, Mandie Kemp said ‘We are dedicated to protecting the environment and as part of this commitment we have become CarbonNeutral by measuring the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with our business, reducing them where possible at source then offsetting unavoidable emissions by supporting sustainable forestry projects and renewable energy through an independently audited and verified process’.

Sufficient progress can only be made if organisations and individuals decide to ‘own’ the problems associated to climate change and act accordingly. Futures Supplies believes that whilst it is critical it is not enough just to reduce carbon emissions through better energy management and targets. It is a fact that we still have to drive cars and use energy as part of the commercial process and therefore until technology can provide more answers to reduce or eliminate emissions, offsetting offers a responsible best practice model of dealing with unavoidable emissions.

A base line assessment of Futures Supplies carbon footprint, carried out by CarbonNeutral has been aligned with the company’s strategy, that through a combination of direct emission reduction and indirect offsetting the net greenhouse gas emissions associated with their business are ZERO.