Green Credentials Endorsed through Certification to BS EN ISO 14001

Already certified to BS8555 and with a string of green awards, we have now formalised our approach and successfully gained certification to BS EN ISO 14001.

We do not think it is enough just to make claims about environmental credentials, we believe that these should be backed up and certificated by independent bodies, auditors and assessors.

We are committed to integrity and transparency in the way we operate, how we supply goods and services and in our business partnerships.

As a result, our approach has been to formalise our EMS through certification to BS EN ISO 14001. Our carbon footprint (emissions) are measured and monitored against pre-defined KPI’s (key performance indicators) through the collection and independent verification of data by CarbonNeutral’s TCNC Group Certification scheme.

We also comply with the Packaging Waste Regulations making annual data submissions on packaging for independent verification by Valpack.  Where possible the products we supply are certified, endorsed by independent bodies and/or carry recognised environmental labels or marks and conform to current legislation.