The Launch of the Pioneering Activeion ionator EXP

A handheld and completely chemical free piece of cleaning kit.  Activating tap water and converting it into ionised water, it effortlessly lifts dirt from a wide variety of surfaces.

As we all wake up to the growing concerns faced by both the impact of chemicals on our health and their impact on the environment, this truly provides a long awaited answer.

Plug it in, charge it up, fill it with tap water and away you go – it really is that simple.

Used as directed the Activeion ionator EXPTM also kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria in just six seconds. It is effective on glass, marble, stainless steel, and most sealed hard surfaces with truly amazing results.

Replacing many general purpose cleaners, it’s not rocket science to see the additional benefits in the reduction of packaging waste, storage and bye bye to expensive training, outdated wall charts and data sheets!

When you use the ionator, you can cut your annual cleaning costs by up to 45%. In no time at all your investment will have paid for itself – a truly sustainable answer and an impressive piece of kit.