Free Online COSHH Learning and Assessment Facility

evans-footer-logoWe are delighted to make available to you the ROSPA approved ‘Hazardous Substance Course’ which is available for customers who purchase and use Evans Vanodine products.

The course is FREE for all users of Evans products and offers a multilingual option.

Lasting between 20 and 30 minutes users can exit the course at any point and progress will be saved to enable you to return and complete the course at a later date.

Evans COSHH TrainingUsers must achieve a pass rate of 80% to pass the course.

If they fail the test, they can re-visit any section to refresh their learning before re-taking the test. Once users pass the test, they can save or print their certificate.

Contact us for further details 020 8689 2072 or visit our website to find out more about Evans Vanodine products


Ebola Virus Disease

EbolaIn view of the recent press and concerns raised by our valued customers we hope that you will find the following information useful.

We have had many enquiries regarding the effectiveness of disinfectants against the Ebola virus. The following information has been compiled by the chemists at Evans Vanodine, which we hope will be helpful.

No products have been tested against this virus and it is very unlikely that such testing will be carried out. There are only 2 reference laboratories in the UK that handle this Hazard Group 4 virus and these laboratories are engaged in diagnostic and vaccine research work. Due to this, these laboratories will not be testing any disinfectants for their effectiveness against the virus at this time. Therefore Evans, along with other companies, will not be able to have any products tested against the Ebola virus.

The website gives the Government’s response to the current Ebola outbreak and makes clear that the risk to the UK is low and that measures are in place to deal with suspected cases.

The Ebola virus is an enveloped virus and enveloped viruses are more susceptible to disinfectants than non-enveloped ones. However results against one enveloped virus cannot be used to prove activity against others, particularly a virus such as Ebola. Sodium hypochlorite (bleach) would be the best option (and is listed in the World Health Organisation guidance) and a broad range virucidal disinfectant for surface disinfection when there are no test results available.

Good hand hygiene is vitally important, especially for those caring for sick individuals, along with the use of gloves, protective clothing and masks. Advice regarding hand hygiene, and more information about the current outbreak, is given on the WHO website at as well as on their FAQ section

evans-footer-logoEvans Vanodine’s products include sodium hypochlorite (bleach) disinfectants, hand soaps and an alcohol hand rub, known as Handsan. Evans Handsan contains 70% Isopropanol and is proven to kill 99.999% of bacteria in 30 seconds.

Please call one of the team if we can be of further help 020 8689 2072


Knowledge is power!

Evans Training 1Much like Futures Supplies Evans Vanodine is a family owned company which strives to ensure that the customer benefits from the security and confidence of dealing with a dependable business who are experts in their field.  As one of our key supply partners, Evans Vanodine manufacture a wide range of janitorial and cleaning chemicals for both the home and overseas market and realises the importance of fulfilling customer expectations and requirements through regular training.

The company runs training courses for its distributors and recently Daniel Rendall, Business Development Manager and Leiann Kemp, Customer Service Manager attended a two day course at the Evans Vanodine training facilities at the Head Office near Preston supported by Pat Worsop, Area Sales Manager-South of England.

Evans Training 2Leiann said, “We found the course extremely useful and worthwhile and I am positive that it has helped further improve our product and industry knowledge, ensuring an even more efficient service to our customers. Pat was great, he really looked after us and it was good to learn about Evans family values as well as the products.”

Evans – For Everyone for Every Application

The new Evans brochure from Futures Supplies, featuring its recently launched Eco e-zone concentrates, is now available on our website offering a complete approach to cleaning products.

Evans BrochureWashroom, kitchen and floor care products with a winning formula from an established family manufacturer, committed to developing products that comply with European legislation and provide optimum performance.

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