Floor Machinery Scrappage Scheme

Tired of your old floor machine? Take this opportunity and for a limited time, get up to £1,000 off a brand new equivalent sized TASKI floor machine.

You can trade in ANY old or even broken floor machine for one of the highly efficient TASKI machines. This range is known for its use of the latest technology in design and manufacturing, enabling true innovation breakthroughs in performance and life time costs, resulting in machines that deliver operational efficiency gains that are a delight to work with.

Find out more about the TASKI range available at www.futures-supplies.co.uk or if you are interested in trading in your old machine, just give us a call 020 8689 2072.

The Defra EMS Research Project

Serious about business, Futures Supplies has been invited to take part in a Defra research project to determine and share the effectiveness of certified Environmental Management Systems at delivering both business and environmental benefits.

The study will involve a two-day, independent site visit, interviews with the team, as well as the collection and verification of EMS performance data.

The aggregated results of this study will be published and widely shared to ensure maximum impact in increasing the uptake of EMS in both the UK and beyond, as well as providing clear recognition of Futures Supplies commitment to continualy improving its environmental performance.

We are delighted to have been invited to be part of this project, which ultimately seeks to improve environmental performance on a national and global level.