Metsä Launch New Katrin Dispenser Range

Katrin Brochure ImageFutures Supplies are delighted to bring you the new Katrin Range of Dispensers launched by Metsä Tissue for the workplace and beyond.

This new range takes into account the needs of a wide selection of users and of course includes children, the elderly and those who are visually impaired or have physical disabilities.

With Katrin Inclusive Dispensers, the paper is easy to remove, and can be pulled out with one hand. Contrasting colours make the dispenser openings easy to see. Large “push faces” are effortless to use, and braille text also helps the visually impaired.

Dispensers that open upwards make it much easier for people of all heights to fill and simple graphical signage shows how they should be used and maintained. All of the dispensers are easy to disassemble and are made from durable ABS and polypropylene plastic, both of which are totally reusable.

The new Katrin Inclusive Dispenser range consists of 10 dispenser types, including new models for the Katrin System Hand Towel and Toilet Roll range. The extended range includes matching bins as well as well as elegant dispensers for facial tissues.

For more information on the dispenser’s, our On Loan and Installation arrangements please contact the office on 020 8689 2072, visit or download the new brochure here









Supplier Partnerships See Trip to Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest 2014Oktoberfest is the world’s largest festival held annually in Munich, Germany. Futures Supplies Sales Manager, Leiann and Business Development Manager, Daniel were delighted to have been invited, as the only UK customer representatives, to enjoy the festivities as guests of Metsa Tissue along with other clients from across the world.

A twelve gun salute and the tapping of the first keg of Oktoberfest beer by the incumbent Mayor of Munich with the cry “O’zapft is!” (“It’s tapped!”) opens the Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest 3 2014The festival runs from late September to the first weekend in October and with more than 6 million people from around the world attending Oktoberfest 2 2014the event every year it is an important part of Bavarian culture having been held since 1810.

A Tree For Futures Supplies!

Katrin Tree CertificateTaking part in Katrin’s recent tree planting campaign whilst attending Interclean in Amsterdam, we are delighted that Metsa has decided to support a reforestation project in so-called ‘Krattwald’ in Handeloh (North Lower Saxony, Germany). The area is known for its old, overgrown oak trees spreading over approx. 2,000 sqm.

To regenerate and preserve this 150 year old population, young oak and yew trees are going to be planted during peak planting season in fall and we are excited that our tree has been planted!

ISSA/Interclean Celebrates Twenty-Five Years!

CEO, Mandie was delighted to attend ISSA/INTERCLEAN show celebrating its 25th anniversary along with 29,000 peers and colleagues in Amsterdam. It was a great opportunity to review new innovations and meet with both customer and supply partners, as well as dThe Netherlands, Amsterdam, Metsae Tissue Event im Cafe de Kroonevelop some new relationships.

The exhibition presented 700 global brands, showcasing their latest innovations, products, services, and solutions along with offering unique networking opportunities, demonstrations, and social events. With the ever changing face of business and innovation at the forefront, the show provided a unique opportunity to keep up to date with industry innovation as well as the latest gossip of course!


Metsa Training Academy Delivers Cost In Use Solutions

Katrin Acadamy - LeiannKatrin Academy - DanielFutures Supplies encourage its team to attend training, which is meaningful and assists in delivering exceptional customer service, especially when it comes to product knowledge.

Hot on the heels of Amy Whittle and Trish Carr, who attended the very first Katrin Training Academy, Leiann Kemp, Customer Service Manager and DanielRendall, Business Development Manager were delighted to be invited to attend the interactive sessions for the day which included presentations, videos and practical exercises.

The Katrin Academy, which is based at the head office premises of Metsa Tissue in Walton on Thames, opened its doors to its key suppliers to deliver product training designed to be about learning through practical example.

Both Leiann and Daniel agreed that the training programme was excellent and that the knowledge gained will assist in delivering and exceeding customer expectations when recommending cost in use and environmental solutions in the washroom.


Katrin Handy Packs Deliver Innovation

Katrin Handy Packs2Constantly delivering on innovation and sustainability, Futures Supplies has recently added the Handy Pack hand towels to its range from Metsa Tissue. A plastic case with carry handles which enhance hygiene; the new Handy Packs are extremely durable and protect the contents from moisture as well as delivering on hygiene, value and sustainability.

The Handy Packs produce less volume of waste than traditional cardboard cases and are completely recyclable. A lighter plastic casing, easily stackable and with ‘carry handles’, makes them a delight for cleaning staff to transport and distribute hand towels around the building.

With so many advantages, the Handy Pack is a ‘win win’ product.

WWF Ranks Metsa Tissue The Best!

WWF Logoproducers on their global ecological footprint, we are delighted that Metsa Tissue, our supply partner for many years, has been ranked ‘best’ in the category of public corporate responsibility reporting and environmental management systems.

As part of the index, Metsa Tissue allowed WWF to scrutinise its global paper production on key environmental criteria, such as fibre sourcing from sustainably managed forests, clean production and public reporting and came out with an impressive 86% score.

Mika Joukio, CEO of Metsa Tissue says, “This excellent ranking is rewarding and highly motivating as a lot of attention and work has been put into our transparency and environmental performance.”

Futures Supplies would like to pass on big congratulations to all the team at Metsa Tissue.

Systems Are A Winner!

If you are constantly searching for a washroom solution that delivers on quality, value and sustainability, we believe the Katrin System Toilet Tissue System ticks all the boxes.

The co-ordinated dispensers are the most reliable in the market place and control usage, delivering significant cost savings and exceptional value for money.

High capacity, holding a 1600 sheet roll, the System Toilet Tissue Dispenser prevents cross contamination underneath the dispenser where germs commonly lurk because the roll is always visible. There is no searching for the roll inside the dispenser and you can see at a glance if the dispenser needs topping up, the plugs sit neatly in the core catcher.

The toilet rolls carry the highly acclaimed Nordic Swan Eco Label, offering the best in class environmentally. There is no wastage, as every sheet is used, and with the dispenser holding more than the equivalent of 5 conventional toilet rolls or 6 sleeves of bulk pack storages, issues are significantly reduced. They are labour saving too!

To arrange a free evaluation of your washrooms, save money and take advantage of our on loan dispensers offer, call Amy today on 020 8689 2072